CSCCa To Hold National Convention In May

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The Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches association (CSCCa) is a professional, educational organization for strength and conditioning coaches of collegiate and professional-level athletic teams.

The CSCCa was organized in 2000 and began with a meeting attended by a small number of collegiate strength and conditioning coaches from around the country who believed that they needed their own organization, dedicated and focused on meeting the unique needs of a growing profession.

Membership in the CSCCa was originally restricted to collegiate-level strength and conditioning coaches but has been expanded to include strength and conditioning coaches of professional athletic teams.

This new organization – designed to represent and promote the collegiate strength and conditioning coach – was founded upon the following goals and objectives:

• To regain the identity of strength & conditioning coaches as professionals. This involves promoting a full-time strength and conditioning coach at every university/college and eventually at every high school with a competitive athletic program. The organization also discourages dual job responsibilities (i.e., strength and conditioning coach and, for example, sport coach, athletic trainer, physical therapist, personal trainer, teacher/researcher).

Each of these areas is extremely broad and vast in scope, making it impossible to stay current on applicable research, skills and techniques, while performing duties in more than one area.

In addition, dual certification/job responsibilities potentially decrease the quality and quantity of jobs available to the full-time collegiate strength and conditioning coach.

• To unify all collegiate strength and conditioning coaches.

• To encourage loyalty to the association and to fellow strength & conditioning coaches by promoting networking and the sharing of ideas and philosophies.

• To improve the respect, salaries, status, and job security of the collegiate strength and conditioning coach. This involves free posting of job openings on the CSCCa website to assist members looking for employment. It also involves increasing athletic administrators’ awareness of the value of the strength and conditioning coach, as well as the level of education, experience and expertise necessary to be a safe and effective strength and conditioning coach.

• To bridge the gap between exercise science and its practical application in the field of strength and conditioning by providing opportunities for students to complete practicums under CSCCa-approved mentors.

• To promote/oppose legislation and policies within the NCAA to best serve the interest of the student-athlete and the collegiate strength and conditioning coach.

• To encourage effective communication, as well as positive relationships with the media, the public, and other professional organizations.

• To provide opportunities for professional development and continuing education for all collegiate and professional-level strength and conditioning coaches in educational settings that include clinics, symposiums, seminars, National Conferences, newsletters, internet, and more.

During the past 15 years, the CSCCa has experienced tremendous growth, now with well over 1,600 members, as strength and conditioning coaches have recognized the value in being part of an organization specifically committed to understanding and servicing their distinct needs.

The Upcoming CSCCa Convention

The CSCCa Annual National Conference is a great setting for promoting the goals and objectives of the association. Each national conference features speakers and topics with direct relevance to the strength and conditioning coaching profession and brings together hundreds of collegiate and professional-level strength and conditioning coaches from around the country.

Conference presentations deal with various aspects of strength and conditioning applicable to all strength and conditioning coaches, no matter what sport or gender they coach.

Additionally, the CSCCa conference is a great opportunity for coaches to network, share ideas and philosophies, and develop camaraderie among fellow strength and conditioning coaches.

Attendance at the CSCCa National Conference is also the most time- and cost-efficient way for SCCC-Certified individuals to fulfill their Continuing Education (CEU) requirements as attendance fulfills all CEU requirements for that year and waives the corresponding annual CEU fee. Over 1,400 conference attendees are expected at this year’s national conference, which will also feature a large exhibit hall with over 200 exhibitor booths on display.

We invite all collegiate and professional-level strength & conditioning coaches to attend the 2015 CSCCa National Conference and participate in this exciting and educational event.

For more information regarding the CSCCa or the 2015 CSCCa National Conference, please visit the organization’s website at Information regarding the 2015 CSCCa National Conference can be found under “Events” and “National Conference” or at the following link:

Please contact the CSCCa National Office at 801-375-9400 for additional information.

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