PRODUCT SHOWCASE: CoachComm Tempest FX System

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Tempest FX offers proven, professional wireless communication and superior audio. For elite programs that need high-end sideline communications with the same flexibility and expandability used by the country’s top collegiate programs, Tempest FX is the answer.

Tempest FX utilizes the same wireless technology used by more than 97% of D-1A  schools. Like that technology, Tempest FX offers users an advanced feature set, premium technology and unsurpassed audio. Whether you are looking for a new system or to upgrade your current system, your CoachComm Solutions Expert can tailor a system for your program.

You might also be surprised to learn that Tempest technology not only powers the sidelines of top teams, it’s also used in some of the toughest venues in the world.

Tempest FX: Technical Specifications

Rechargeable Lithium Polymer or AA batteries:  Batteries charge in two to three hours and last for nine hours.

4 channels of communication:  2.4 GHz frequency spectrum (completely out of UHF). Configure as many as 10 full duplex wireless coaches in a single Tempest FX system Allows an unlimited number of coaches in momentary talk/listen mode.

Durable cases available.

Same proven, trusted technology used by more than 97% of Division 1A FBS teams!

  • 2.4GHz license-free, no frequency coordination required – Set it up and coach!
  • Rugged, durable belt-pack design.
  • Rechargeable/Removable Lithium-Polymer batteries with up to 9 hours of operation; On-screen battery life indicator.
  • Unmatched, superior audio quality and performance ideal for large, high-noise environments
  • High dynamic range enables system to perform in high noise environments.
  • Remote Transceiver (Antenna) has a 1,500 ft range from BaseStation that helps overcome structural issues found with some pressboxes (i.e. tinted glass enclosure, other wireless access points).
  • Flexible and Expandable
  • Up to 4 separate channels of communication.
  • Customizable talk, channel, and volume settings for each individual as well as a number of other features such as Wireless  ISO, Call, Button-Lock, and more.
  • After-hours game day support
  • Annual support agreement.
  • Same after hours support provided to D1 FBS and FCS schools.

S-Series Headsets – with SmartBoom® Technology

  • Mutes the headset mic when boom is raised
  • Hands free – eliminates the need to find your talk (mute) button
  • Improves overall sound quality by eliminating unwanted noise
  • Hear the conversations you want and keep out ones you don’t
  • Exceptional sound quality, comfort and durability
  • Available in single- and double-sided models
  • Compatible with all Tempest® products

The S-Series Headsets with SmartBoom technology provide an effortless solution to enhancing the overall quality and performance of your sideline communications. This cutting-edge technology allows you to mute the headset mic by simply raising the boom, which eliminates the need to push the talk button and makes talking and listening easier.

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