InsightReplay From Sideline Power Offers Coaches Time-Saving Video Solutions

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Reveal Sideline Replay by InsightReplay – available from Sideline Power  – makes instant replay of video accessible to athletes and coaches, and offers an affordable video solution for capturing video clips from multiple angles, tagging them for organizational use and watching them at any time, from any device.

Reveal Sideline Replay is the most advanced sideline replay system on the market today. Real-time technology let’s you capture video from multiple angles at once. Use camcorders, professional video cameras, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.

Real-time tagging keeps everything organized.

Reveal Sideline Replay puts powerful game changing insights in your hands.

Reveal Sideline Replay By InsightReplay

Reveal from InsightReplay is a game-changer, giving you the video that matters most, instantly.

  • On the sideline
  • In the press box
  • Easy to use, portable, works everywhere.
  • Home, Away, Practice field
  • Works without Internet or Cellular data
  • Tag & organize video in real-time. No limit to the number of iPads your team can use
  • Capture video from multiple cameras and angles
  • Shoot video with HDMI & HD-SDI video cameras, iPads, and Android devices.


Captures video in real-time from multiple cameras and mobile devices, and allows you to watch them back in real time.


Tag videos by athlete and your own custom tags. Venue, event, date, and time automatically added to each clip.


Watch clips on-demand. No limit to the number of tablets and smartphones your team uses.


Reveal saves coaches time everyday by organizing clips in real-time and making it easy to export and share your video.


Shoot your favorite angles. Capture video from cameras, tablets, and smartphones.


No Internet, cellular data, or outlets required. Works at home, away, and everywhere you practice.

Sideline Power Offers Technology Solutions For Coaches At All Levels! Built by coaches, for coaches, InsightReplay, available from Sideline Power, is a user-friendly system that makes it easy for coaches to find what they need without wasting time.

InsightReplay is portable, self-contained, and can be set up in minutes. So easy to use it only takes one person to film and tag an entire football game.

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