Revolutionary Mouthguard Absorbs Impact, Allows Players To Speak Clearly

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No football coach in his right mind would recommend that student-athletes use helmets or shoulder pads from the 1950s. But that is when bulky EVA-based mouthguards – the same material still used to make most mouthguards today – made their entrance into the game of football.

“Mouthguards made from EVA have not really changed since the 1950s,” says Sassa Akervall, CEO of SISU, which is the manufacturer of a mouthguard made from a revolutionary material designed to disperse impact and keep teeth safe.

“The problem with this is the damage they can cause teeth. The lifetime cost of an injured tooth is $15,000 to $20,000 per tooth.”

So, a mouthguard isn’t just a piece of equipment that makes a player game-eligible.

Its first job is to protect the athlete’s teeth and keep that athlete safe. SISU mouthguards do that job better than any other mouthguard available.

Advancing Technology

Part of what makes SISU mouthguards so unique and attractive to both players and coaches is revolutionary design.

Made from a technologically advanced, non-compressible material that dissipates impact, SISU mouthguards utilize “perforations” that vibrate and oscillate under impact. By doing so, the mouthguard actually absorbs impact and directs it to predetermined “crumple zones” that keep an athlete’s teeth safe.

Standard mouthguards cave in under impact and direct force into the athlete’s teeth and mouth. That’s why standard mouthguards must be so thick.

Not so with SISU.

“Other mouthguards have to be that thick because otherwise, they wouldn’t protect teeth,” says Akervall. “In the case of SISU mouthguards, the impact is absorbed. The impact disperses throughout the mouthguard. The crumple zones are placed away from the teeth and the mouthguard doesn’t cave in, which keeps teeth safer. Our mouthguard is completely unique and no one else has this technology.”

The perforations in the mouthguard also allow it to be very thin, which makes talking and drinking not only possible, but easy.

“Because the mouthguard is so thin, athletes don’t even know it’s there,” says Akervall. “It fits so snugly. It’s like a glove on top of your teeth and doesn’t affect your speech at all.”

Want proof? Check out this tongue-twister performed while using a SISU mouthguard at

Great Fit Every Time

Part of the allure of the SISU mouthguard is the fact that it can be re-formed to fit the student-athlete’s teeth over and over again.

“The material we use to make the mouthguard has ‘memory’ built into it,” says Akervall. “What’s so great about that is if you don’t get the perfect fit, you just put the mouthguard back in water and try again. You can even re-form just a part of the SISU mouthguard without re-forming the entire thing. Knowing that you can have a new custom fit in just a couple of minutes is a great aspect of the mouthguard.”

With most other mouthguards, athletes only get one shot at forming the mouthguard perfectly.

If an athlete has braces, the mouthguard can be formed specifically for those as well, which is great for student-athletes with expensive orthodontics.

“It’s important for parents and coaches to understand that if athletes have braces, the athlete should work with his orthodontist or dentist to fit any mouthguard,” she says.

Overall, the SISU mouthguard is a dramatic step into the future for student-athletes who want to protect their teeth with modern, proven equipment.

“We are trying to change the way coaches and athletes understand mouthguards,” says Akervall. “With SISU, players can breathe, talk and drink. It’s thin and made from modern, cutting-edge materials. This is a revolutionary device in the game of football.”

For more information about SISU, visit or call (800) 444-0570.

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