New “Wilson X Connected Football” Provides High-Tech QB Training Tool To Improve Passing Performance

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Wilson Sporting Goods has unveiled their new Wilson X Connected Football, an affordable way to track key quarterback metrics. Making use of bluetooth and smart phone technologies, the Wilson X Connected Football detects velocity, distance, spiral efficiency, spin rate and whether a pass was caught or dropped. These statistics can be recorded and analyzed at the push of a button for every quarterback on the roster by utilizing a FREE smart phone application. All that is required is a smart phone with the Wilson X Football app and bluetooth capability. Quarterbacks create a simple profile online, log-in, connect the phone to the ball via bluetooth and insert their phone into the provided wrist coach on their non-throwing hand before they begin the drills they want to track.








All metrics are recorded on the passer’s individual profile which he will create on the Wilson X Football app. The app is available on Android and IOS and is absolutely FREE.
An internet connection is required to download the app and create a profile, but it is NOT required to track throwing metrics. To avoid wracking up data charges, passers can simply place the phone they are using on “airplane mode” before they begin throwing.
There is NO subscription or fee required for the use of the app, creation of profiles, or tracking of metrics and statistics.
There is ZERO additional equipment required to utilize the Wilson X Connected Football other than the smart phone app! A wrist coach is included with each ball so the passer can easily access the app while going through their workout.
Each Wilson X Connected Football is good for approximately 500 HOURS of active use or roughly 200,000 THROWS. To maximize the life of the ball, store the ball in a dry place, away from excessive heat or cold.
YES! The ball can be used by different players and connected to different devices, but can only connect to one session at a time. As long as each passer creates and utilizes their own profile, the database will store their throwing data in real-time and back it up for recovery. You can also track each passer’s lifetime statistics.

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