Sideline Power Insight Replay System Gives Coaches Instant Replay on the Sideline

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Football coaches across the country rely on film study to help their team improve. Countless hours are spent every week examining film and showing players how they need to adjust to be at their best. How much of these valuable coaching opportunities lose their effectiveness between the film room and the field?  

Sideline Power brings coaches Insight Replay, giving coaches the edge on helping their athletes improve by making video replay available instantly. Their all-in-one kit gives coaches all the tools necessary to get the job done without any extra equipment. Insight Replay from Sideline Power gives coaches the means for instant analysis, correction and improvement, both during practice and on game-day.


  • Reveal sideline instant replay from Insight Replay gives you the video that matters most, instantly! On the sideline/In the press box
  • Easy to use, portable, works everywhere: Home, Away and Practice
  • Works without Internet or Cellular data
  • Tag & organize clips in real-time
  • In game drawing tool
  • No limit to the number of mobile/ipad devices
  • Capture video from multiple cameras and angles
  • Shoot video with HDMI & HD


  • Reveal pre-installed on a new Apple laptop
  • Reveal software license with 1 year of updates and support
  • High-power outdoor wireless equipment and battery with +4hrs power
  • Multiple camera options
  • Crush-proof DaKine backpack
"No more guessing about what the opponent is doing or relying on your players. The proof is in the video." Matt Logan, Head Football Coach, Corona Centennial, CA

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About Sideline Power
Sideline Power LLC is a privately held company that provides a complete line of technology needs for any athletic program. Sideline Power strives to set the standard for the sports technology industry.
Sideline Power LLC is the #1 Choice in Coaching Communication providing a wide variety of coaching headsets, end zone cameras, sideline replay and other technology needs for all athletic programs.
Customer service is at the heart of everything Sideline Power does. Being customer focused means that everything they do is about making life easier for their customers. Sideline Power is happy to help customers choose the right product for their needs and get the most out of it. Sideline Power LLC leads the sports technology industry in customer service.
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