Five Keys To A Successful Fake Field Goal

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We’ve all seen them run with precision and we’ve all seen them run out-of-bounds before reaching the first down marker.

They’re fake field goals, and when performed correctly, can mean the difference between keeping the drive alive and just trying to keep your dignity.

Chris Shaw from KICKNATION and Kevin Oliver, graduate assistant at Texas Tech University, have shared with AFCA Weekly the five keys to making sure your fake field goal attempt has its best chance of success.

1.  The fake field goal must be on the coaches’ charts as something that is worked on every single day in practice. This not only creates the consistent and solid approach required to make it successful, but it also allows the fake field goal to get respect from players.

2.  At least two times per week, coaches must run the fake in practice without anyone knowing about it beforehand. This ensures that coaches will catch everyone in a real-time situation. This can wreak havoc  for the entire team, and it keeps players and staff ready and on their toes. Coaches should have a keyword to denote when the fake should be run during practice. This will trigger the fake when uttered and allow coaches to see which players are ready, both offensively and defensively.

3.  Players must know not only where they need to be but where their teammates need to be so the entire team can execute the fake properly. This also helps if the fake field goal is busted or properly read by the defensive unit.

4.  Your fake field goal unit must understand that it has to SELL OUT 100% to give the team a chance to succeed. These opportunities are rare. Make the most of them with 100% effort.

5.  Treat special teams just like you treat offense and defense. It’s an extremely important part of the game.

Hammer Fake Field Goal

This is a longer-developing fake. It takes a while for the left-wing to get across the formation, but if the field goal block unit is rushing up the field, then the field goal unit should out number them on the right side. The holder is hoping for an easy pitch-and-catch to the left-wing. We Go Big!

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