3 Run-Down Stop Calls Every Defensive Coordinator Must Have On Their Call Sheet

Even with today’s fast and furious spread offense, if your defense cannot stop an opponent’s running game, your team is finished. This article outlines three tried-and-true run blitzes that all defensive coordinators need to keep in their arsenal. Complete with diagrams and player assignments, you’ll be able to add these run-blitzes immediately into your call sheet.

Time-Tested Defensive Axioms Can Help Today’s Defensive Coordinators

No-huddle, shotgun spread-offenses that utilize match-up and tempo advantages are shredding defense and piling up points at a record rate at all levels of football. Defensive coordinators are working hard to plug the holes in the dam, but this isn’t just a problem fixed by countering the strategy with Xs and Os. This article explores how taking another look at several time-tested defensive tenets may hold key pieces to solving the spread offense puzzle.

Defeating RPOs (Run-Pass Options) By Utilizing Defensive-Line Movement & Match-Quarters

In today’s game, spread offense and an up-tempo style of play have wreaked havoc on defenses at all levels of football. Now that Run-Pass Options (RPOs) have been added into the mix, offenses have more advantages than ever before. This article shows what defenses can finally do to strike back. With video examples and detailed diagrams, you’ll learn how to confuse QB reads by utilizing d-line shifts, stunts and match-quarters coverage.

“Wave Man-Free” 3-3-5 Defensive Stunt Brings The Heat On Passing Downs

This article details a stunt that has been an effective defensive weapon and involves the entire front six in a 3-3-5 formation. Called “Wave Man-Free” (diagrammed and featuring player responsibilities), this highly productive stunt works exceptionally well when an offense is in passing situations where the running back stays in to try and help block, as well as when the passes are thrown to the outside.

Defensive Line Play In The 3-3 Stack Defense (w/ VIDEO)

The play of your defensive ends and nose guard in the 3-3 Stack Defense is absolutely critical to success. Those front three defenders must serve as a disruptive force on the line of scrimmage. The following article uses coaching points, diagrams and video to showcases the proper technique, alignment and footwork for defeating the most common, primary blocking schemes.

Heavy Pressure: A Defensive Pass-Rush Series (Part 1)

Pass rush is not limited to just a 4-man rush. In a broader sense, a true pass-rush plan requires the consideration of all 11 defenders. There are several different ways to rush a quarterback and many can be successful. In Part 1 of the multi-part defensive series, “Heavy Pressure,” we’ll examine the framework for what makes a pass rush effective.

“Meet You At The QB!” 6 Effective Defensive Line Stunts To Apply Pressure

With today’s explosive offenses and passing game, getting pressure with your defensive linemen is absolutely critical. This article outlines an effective and versatile Defensive Line Stunts package. With stunts run primarily from a four-man front, and used with the 4-3 or 4-2 defense, some can also be used from a three-man front with the 3-5 or 3-4 defense. Each stunt is diagrammed and accompanies video and coaching points from each cut-up.