New “Wilson X Connected Football” Provides High-Tech QB Training Tool To Improve Passing Performance

Wilson Sporting Goods has unveiled their new Wilson X Connected Football, an affordable way to track key quarterback metrics. Making use of bluetooth and smart phone technologies, the Wilson X Connected Football detects velocity, distance, spiral efficiency, spin rate and whether a pass was caught or dropped.

Brands Win Championships: Put Your Stamp On It

Traditions are born from detail. Take helmet stickers in college football, for example. They’re diminutive and subtle, but by being used across the vast majority of programs at one point or another, helmet stickers have become one of the sport’s most celebrated traditions. There’s a romance to customs like these that bring me, and millions of others, back to college sports every year. More important, they tell a story.

Nick Saban: Giving Back To The Community Where He Learned How To Be A Champion

University of Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban is fresh off of winning his fourth National Title with the Crimson Tide, but his influence is much farther reaching than the state of Alabama. This summer Saban teamed up with retired Alabama Assistant Head Coach Joe Pendry and Florida State University Head Coach Jimbo Fisher, and his Assistant Head Coach Rick Trickett, to make a big impact on their home state of West Virginia, after severe flooding threatened to shut down the football season for several local schools…

Building Relationships In Your Football Program

Football coaches have a huge responsibility to all the young men in the football program. We know relationships are the key to reaching our athletes and making an impact on their lives. That’s why we spend time every day talking to our guys about meaningful issues that will help them develop into productive young men. Here are a few of the ways that we build relationships at Grapevine (Texas) High School.

Defeating “The De-Commit”

Recruiters and player personnel within many college football programs face a similar pattern emerging from ranks of high school football players eager to join their collegiate brethren. Student-athletes are committing – then decommitting – to college programs at an unprecedented rate. What’s a coaching staff to do?

The Legacy Of Character

Woven into the context of football are four basic principles demonstrating the primacy of personal character in the life of a football coach. Here are several of the most important decisions a man must make to sustain a long and successful coaching career.

Home Field Advantage Presented By Dynamic Fitness & Strength

Search For Knowledge Outside Your Comfort Zone – The winter months were filled with terrific coaching information, usually more than you can possibly hope to incorporate into your football program this coming season. So perhaps it’s time that you also expand your personal horizons and look into things that may provide an entirely different perspective that you can apply to your team.

Going Undercover: Learn To Tell Your Program’s Story

In order to truly understand what makes the fans and media who follow your sport and program tick, you need to do research—a lot of research. Go through everything you can find about your program through present day, including old statistics, former and current player rosters and bios, coaching bios, written articles, media guides, and team monikers. Your objective is to discover and reveal the essence of your program. What makes it special? What is it about your program that keeps fans coming back?