4-2-5 Blitz Package Stays Sound While Bringing The Heat

Many defensive coordinators cringe when they think about blitzing. Why? So many times, blitzing results in having to play Cover-0 or man coverage behind the blitz. Sometimes, more talented teams can zone blitz – but even then, they’re giving up grass and using players who don’t normally have to cover the pass. Because our box players are independent from our secondary, our 4-2-5 blitz packages allow us to stay fundamentally sound without changing the rules of coverage for our secondary players.

GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS: Setting Up Your Defense To Counteract Pre-Snap Motion

Offenses utilize motion and shifting to out-leverage the defense to attack how a defense sets its strength/front. Auburn University, for example, has built an entire offense based upon using pre-snap wide-receiver motion to move defenses and to out-leverage a defense’s alignment. This article provides ideas and strategies to counteract an offense’s motion. Complete with diagrams and rules that will help you implement these tactics into your defensive game plan.

COVERAGE 101 SESSIONS: Teaching System Helps Defenders Understand The Intricacies Of Various Coverages

This article outlines how one program developed an innovative coaching aid they called, “Coverage 101 Sessions,” which is designed as an easy-to-understand teaching system that helps defensive players to better understand each coverage used in their defense. With “Coverage 101 Sessions,” defenders learn the strengths of each coverage, the vulnerabilities of each coverage and the critical components to know for better on-field execution. Complete with teaching examples and coverage diagrams, you’ll be able to add this game-proven system to your defensive regimen.

3 Run-Down Stop Calls Every Defensive Coordinator Must Have On Their Call Sheet

Even with today’s fast and furious spread offense, if your defense cannot stop an opponent’s running game, your team is finished. This article outlines three tried-and-true run blitzes that all defensive coordinators need to keep in their arsenal. Complete with diagrams and player assignments, you’ll be able to add these run-blitzes immediately into your call sheet.