Countering Defensive Adjustments For The Jet Sweep

The Jet Sweep is one of the most devastating plays used in the spread offense to keep defenses off-balance and on their heels. Before long, most defenses are forced to make adjustments in their defensive fronts in an effort to stop this play. This article provides excellent “counters to the counters” and shows highly effective plays you can automatically switch to when defenses make adjustments within a 4-4 or 5-3 defensive scheme.

New “Wilson X Connected Football” Provides High-Tech QB Training Tool To Improve Passing Performance

Wilson Sporting Goods has unveiled their new Wilson X Connected Football, an affordable way to track key quarterback metrics. Making use of bluetooth and smart phone technologies, the Wilson X Connected Football detects velocity, distance, spiral efficiency, spin rate and whether a pass was caught or dropped.

Wrinkles And Twists In The Zone Read

First, let’s talk about the offensive line alignment. All zone plays that I know of are blocked by the zone or area principle. The line is blocking an area and not a specific man. That is about as simple as it gets. At the point of attack, two players are blocking a down lineman, with one coming off on a linebacker. This combo block in most cases with the inside zone happens with the one, two or three defensive technique.

Option For Success

Stressing the importance of a balanced life, Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo teaches Midshipmen football players to navigate the murky waters of a heavy workload, military commitments & on-field size disadvantages – and still win games at a record pace.

Successfully Using Midline Triple-Option Vs 4-3 Fronts

Time-tested Midline Option plays such as “tuck” are usually rendered ineffective against 4-man defensive fronts, especially those with a stout 3-technique. In this article, however, you’ll learn how to effectively and successfully use Midline Triple-Option against 4-3 Defenses – complete with coaching tips, key notes, player responsibilities and detailed diagrams.