Hadar Athletic Football Tackle Rings Provide Fundamentals Training While Reducing Risk of Injury

With the recent increased emphasis on player safety, contact in practice has been limited at all levels of the game. Coaches have been forced to adapt and find new ways to teach fundamentals while staying within safety regulations and limiting contact. The Hadar Football Tackle Ring provides coaches with a versatile piece of equipment which can be used in a wide variety of different drills to maintain a fundamental foundation without risking injury due to excessive contact.

New “Wilson X Connected Football” Provides High-Tech QB Training Tool To Improve Passing Performance

Wilson Sporting Goods has unveiled their new Wilson X Connected Football, an affordable way to track key quarterback metrics. Making use of bluetooth and smart phone technologies, the Wilson X Connected Football detects velocity, distance, spiral efficiency, spin rate and whether a pass was caught or dropped.

Creating A Culture Of Learning

We have created a culture at Oberlin College where it is exciting to be a member. Our older players are valued for their knowledge, and they have the opportunity to show and strengthen their understanding by teaching the first-year players. After years of doing this, we have instilled this culture systematically. Here are six methods we’ve used to create a culture of learning.