Defeating RPOs (Run-Pass Options) By Utilizing Defensive-Line Movement & Match-Quarters

In today’s game, spread offense and an up-tempo style of play have wreaked havoc on defenses at all levels of football. Now that Run-Pass Options (RPOs) have been added into the mix, offenses have more advantages than ever before. This article shows what defenses can finally do to strike back. With video examples and detailed diagrams, you’ll learn how to confuse QB reads by utilizing d-line shifts, stunts and match-quarters coverage.

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Whether you’re coaching a power back who muscles the ball across the goal line or an ankle-breaking open-field specialist making defenders miss, you’ll improve their game with this great new book by Tim Horton, running backs coach at Auburn University.

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LESS IS MORE: Developing an Offensive Game Plan & Call Sheet (Part 1) – This article outlines effective and time-saving methods for scouting, practicing and developing an offensive game plan and call sheets to use from week to week during the upcoming season. You’ll also get keys to building a successful offensive attack and essential tips for scouting opposing defenses.

“Wave Man-Free” 3-3-5 Defensive Stunt Brings The Heat On Passing Downs

This article details a stunt that has been an effective defensive weapon and involves the entire front six in a 3-3-5 formation. Called “Wave Man-Free” (diagrammed and featuring player responsibilities), this highly productive stunt works exceptionally well when an offense is in passing situations where the running back stays in to try and help block, as well as when the passes are thrown to the outside.

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COUNTER WITH STICK: A Simple, Yet Extremely Effective RPO (Run Pass Option) – Run-Pass Options (RPOs) are the hottest buzz “words” in the football-coaching world. Everybody is running some form of RPO within their offense, whether they are quick screens attached to the run game or something different. This article covers a game-tested, proven successful RPO that tags a pass to the stick route with a counter run play.

Why You Should Throw To Players Out of The Backfield More

As high-powered, passing offenses become the norm in today’s game, a large part of your preparation should be focused on creating the right match-ups to get the ball to your best players. Incorporating passes to players out of the backfield is an underutilized way of creating favorable match-ups for your team. Here are three major keys for successfully implementing a tough-to-defend backfield passing game.

Preparing Defensive Game Plan Key To Winning

Defense is the key and essence to winning football. We will make any sacrifice in our program to help our defense. Here are some thoughts on how we prepare our defensive team during game week. The first thing we are concerned about is our opponent and the scouting that we have on our opponent. There are 12 basic things that we try to scout as we work to prepare a defensive game plan. Then, there are six things we feel we must have as a defensive team when we go into every football game.

Implementing Highly Effective Run-Pass Options (RPOs) Into Your Offensive Attack

An exploration of how to quickly and efficiently install simple Run-Pass Options (RPOs) into your offensive system. This quick-passing game concept resulted in a 98-percent completion rate, with an average of over 6.8 yards per completed throws, while also boosting the running game. With diagrams and coaching tips, you’ll learn highly effective methods for adding these RPOs into your playbook.

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4-3 Cowboy Run-Blitz Stops Double-Wing Ground Game – With the spread and speed formations used in football today, defensive coordinators often forget about the dangers found in run-packed offenses, such as the Double-Wing Offense. This article outlines the “Cowboy Blitz” out of a 4-3 Defense, which is used as an extremely effective run blitz against a standard double-wing formation.