Game-Proven Strategies For Building A Better Blitz

In today’s game, getting pressure on the opposing quarterback has never been more important. Calling the wrong blitz against the wrong formation, however, can lead to a disaster for a defensive coordinator. This article utilizes diagrams and video examples for building a blitz package designed to bring heavy pressure, as well as 5 key tips for better blitzing that you can immediately put to use with any defense.

“Wave Man-Free” 3-3-5 Defensive Stunt Brings The Heat On Passing Downs

This article details a stunt that has been an effective defensive weapon and involves the entire front six in a 3-3-5 formation. Called “Wave Man-Free” (diagrammed and featuring player responsibilities), this highly productive stunt works exceptionally well when an offense is in passing situations where the running back stays in to try and help block, as well as when the passes are thrown to the outside.