4-2-5 Blitz Package Stays Sound While Bringing The Heat

Many defensive coordinators cringe when they think about blitzing. Why? So many times, blitzing results in having to play Cover-0 or man coverage behind the blitz. Sometimes, more talented teams can zone blitz – but even then, they’re giving up grass and using players who don’t normally have to cover the pass. Because our box players are independent from our secondary, our 4-2-5 blitz packages allow us to stay fundamentally sound without changing the rules of coverage for our secondary players.

Game-Proven Strategies For Building A Better Blitz

In today’s game, getting pressure on the opposing quarterback has never been more important. Calling the wrong blitz against the wrong formation, however, can lead to a disaster for a defensive coordinator. This article utilizes diagrams and video examples for building a blitz package designed to bring heavy pressure, as well as 5 key tips for better blitzing that you can immediately put to use with any defense.