GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS: Setting Up Your Defense To Counteract Pre-Snap Motion

Offenses utilize motion and shifting to out-leverage the defense to attack how a defense sets its strength/front. Auburn University, for example, has built an entire offense based upon using pre-snap wide-receiver motion to move defenses and to out-leverage a defense’s alignment. This article provides ideas and strategies to counteract an offense’s motion. Complete with diagrams and rules that will help you implement these tactics into your defensive game plan.

Time-Tested Defensive Axioms Can Help Today’s Defensive Coordinators

No-huddle, shotgun spread-offenses that utilize match-up and tempo advantages are shredding defense and piling up points at a record rate at all levels of football. Defensive coordinators are working hard to plug the holes in the dam, but this isn’t just a problem fixed by countering the strategy with Xs and Os. This article explores how taking another look at several time-tested defensive tenets may hold key pieces to solving the spread offense puzzle.

6 Critical Questions To Ask When Analyzing An Opponent’s Empty Set Formations

At all levels of football, spread offenses have been using empty set formations to carve up opponents. But not all empty sets are the same, and they are used for a variety of reasons and in different situations. Here are 6 critical questions to arm you with all the empty set scouting information you need to develop and prepare your defensive game plan.