New “Wilson X Connected Football” Provides High-Tech QB Training Tool To Improve Passing Performance

Wilson Sporting Goods has unveiled their new Wilson X Connected Football, an affordable way to track key quarterback metrics. Making use of bluetooth and smart phone technologies, the Wilson X Connected Football detects velocity, distance, spiral efficiency, spin rate and whether a pass was caught or dropped.

Scenturion® Uses Nanosilver And Ionic Shield® Technology To Eliminate Odor And Bacteria

Football players sweat, there is no getting around it. The harder athletes work, the more they sweat and the stronger the odor in the locker room becomes. While there is no escaping a good healthy sweat, football programs are not helpless to combat the negative effects that comes with it. Several companies around the country are making strides in the area of odor elimination, and SCENTURION® has become a leader in the market, with cutting edge technology that sets them apart.

Nick Saban: Giving Back To The Community Where He Learned How To Be A Champion

University of Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban is fresh off of winning his fourth National Title with the Crimson Tide, but his influence is much farther reaching than the state of Alabama. This summer Saban teamed up with retired Alabama Assistant Head Coach Joe Pendry and Florida State University Head Coach Jimbo Fisher, and his Assistant Head Coach Rick Trickett, to make a big impact on their home state of West Virginia, after severe flooding threatened to shut down the football season for several local schools…

New Book: COMPLETE RUNNING BACK By Auburn’s Tim Horton Available NOW From Human Kinetics

Whether you’re coaching a power back who muscles the ball across the goal line or an ankle-breaking open-field specialist making defenders miss, you’ll improve their game with this great new book by Tim Horton, running backs coach at Auburn University.

The Legacy Of Character

Woven into the context of football are four basic principles demonstrating the primacy of personal character in the life of a football coach. Here are several of the most important decisions a man must make to sustain a long and successful coaching career.

To Max Or Not To Max?

Max-testing has long been a staple of football programs at every level. Often, the first order of business every pre-season is to have all the athletes prove their physical ability through a series of movement and lift tests. Athletes prove their hard work over the offseason, demonstrate their various strengths to coaches, and build a common culture of teamwork and dedication. Maxing is something of a tradition, but is it really a valuable tool?