HEAVY PRESSURE: Defensive Pass-Rush Series (Part 3) “Denver Broncos Edition”

There are two areas of emphasis that are important to discuss when talking about defensive line movements and how they apply to situational football — “Games” and “Stunts.” Part 3 of the HEAVY PRESSURE series discusses, and shows examples, of several games that you can utilize to help your pass rush.

There are what we call “Stunts,” which are quick, hard-lined movements that are sudden in nature and done with the intent of disrupting the run game.

HEAVY PRESSURE: Defensive Pass-Rush Series (Part 2) “Pass-Rushers Defined”

Part 2 of this multi-part series on applying heavy defensive pressure covers critical strategies for making life difficult for opposing QBs. In this chapter, you’ll learn the tenets of an effective pass-rush unit, keys to interior rushes, effective outside rushes, utilizing tandem rushes, inside-hand down versus outside-hand down placement and how both impact the “illusion of width.”

“Meet You At The QB!” 6 Effective Defensive Line Stunts To Apply Pressure

With today’s explosive offenses and passing game, getting pressure with your defensive linemen is absolutely critical. This article outlines an effective and versatile Defensive Line Stunts package. With stunts run primarily from a four-man front, and used with the 4-3 or 4-2 defense, some can also be used from a three-man front with the 3-5 or 3-4 defense. Each stunt is diagrammed and accompanies video and coaching points from each cut-up.