Create Better Understanding, Execution With Technology

As a coach I have always tried to decrease the period of time that it takes to grow into a good team. Advances in technology provide some huge opportunities for those who adopt them. At Oberlin College, we are excited to be at the forefront of this technological boom this season. Here is how we are trying to create a more efficient and effective practice which in turn can help us decrease the amount of time it takes to perfect our schemes.

Prepare Your Team For Every Situation

At Oberlin College, we have aimed to be at the forefront in our use of technology. One tool that has proved effective for us is our game planning system. It takes what we learned from resources – like Bill Walsh’s book Finding the Winning Edge and Brian Billick’s Developing an Offensive Game Plan, as well as numerous articles, clinic talks and sharing with other coaches – and turned it into a process for decision-making as well as automation of all of the scripting and typing of call sheets and wristbands. In all, it saved us 8-12 hours per week on each side of the ball.

Mission Control Part 1: An Overview Of Technology Allowed By Rule Changes

The tools of our trade are changing rapidly. Recent rule changes at every level have caused a technological boom with new products and services popping up frequently. The changes make it feel like we went from going into battle with bow and arrows to fighting with laser-guided weapons. The challenge we have from now until September is figuring out how to integrate those tools into our workflow.