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Why Sequenced Play-Calling Makes Your Up-Tempo Offense Even More Lethal – Play-calling can be one of the most important aspects of utilizing an up-tempo offense that likes to spread the field and keep the defense on it’s heels. This article utilizes diagrams and video to discuss the specifics of utilizing play calls to maximum efficiency and with a purpose — such as to tire and fatigue a specific defender or to exploit a particular mismatch at a position.

Shield Punt Increases Efficiency, Production of Your Punting Game (w/ VIDEO)

Utilizing the Shield Punt is one of the most efficient ways to protect and cover your punts at the high school level. It provides you the ability to get seven special team’s players downfield and into coverage quickly, and by alignment alone, makes punts difficult for opponents to go after and block. This article features statistics coaching tips, diagrams and video to help you install the Shield Punt into your Special Team’s playbook.