Busting A Culture Of Entitlement

It is true that today’s generation of young athletes is growing up in a different culture, one in which individual achievements are often glorified and celebrated at the expense of collective achievements and self-sacrifice. Nowhere is this more evident than in the typical youth sport setting where parents aggressively push for their sons and daughters to get noticed, in the hopes of securing a college scholarship. The most effective way to bust a culture of athlete entitlement is to actively build and reinforce a culture of athlete accountability. This three-pronged approach is most effective for creating this type of team culture.

Defeating “The De-Commit”

Recruiters and player personnel within many college football programs face a similar pattern emerging from ranks of high school football players eager to join their collegiate brethren. Student-athletes are committing – then decommitting – to college programs at an unprecedented rate. What’s a coaching staff to do?