ChyronHego’s Coach Paint Makes Professional Play-Analysis Available to Coaches

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The technology which allows professional football broadcasts to take their commentary and analysis to a whole new level could be helping coaches do the same with ChyronHego’s Coach Paint, a powerful and user-friendly video tool specifically designed for coaches.

Engage, teach, prepare and recruit your players in a way that not only grabs and keeps the athlete’s attention, but lets them instantly visualize forma­tion, progression, alignment, keys and technique like they’re used to seeing it on live major network sports broad­casts and highlight shows.

Coach Paint comes complete and out-of-the-box with a multi-feature tool set, including player cut-out, spotlight, zoom, player tracking, zone tracking and other essential capabilities. Coach Paint gives you the play-calling power to create the same graphics that are seen on national games and highlight shows.

Coach Paint is PC-based, operating in a Windows® 7 environment and qualified for use on specified PC-based laptops. Coach Paint is also available on the Apple® platform, Mac OSX.


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