Correcting Errors In Passing Technique

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By Bill Mountjoy, Life Member, American Football Coaches Association

In more than 30 years of coaching, I have seen it all when it comes to errors in passing mechanics. Often, passers can fix their errors simply by identifying the root causes of poor passes. By seeing an errant pass for what it is, and identifying mechanical issues, coaches can help quarterbacks become more accurate passers.

Below is a list of common passing errors and their causes. Coaches can look at those causes and help quarterbacks adjust.

Correcting Passing Errors

OverthrowRelease behind top of arc. Overstride.
UnderthrowRelease in front of top of arc. Understride.
Tail of Ball WobblesJerky motion. Palm not rotated down. Elbow too wide. Grip too far forward or back on ball.
Ball FloatsPoint too high. Loose grip.
Point Too HighPoint up on grip.
Point Too LowPoint down on grip.
Inability To Throw With VelocityWeight not transferred to front foot. Poor hip and shoulder rotation. Not pulling down on ball. No hand acceleration. No follow through. Throwing across the body.
InaccuracyInitial step not at the target. Throwing across body. Not pointing fingertips at target. Poor concept of receiver routes.

Bill Mountjoy has 33 years of high school football coaching experience in Virginia, as well as five years experience coaching on the college level. We Go Big!

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