Dream Team Sports Tours Offers Football Teams A Custom Travel Experience

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Dream Team Sports Tours is a fully licensed sports travel company based in Como, Italy, with over 24 years of experience in the world sports travel industry. Their experienced staff of sports team-travel experts provide American football teams at the high school and collegiate levels with customized trips in Italy and Europe.

Dream Team Sports Tours main office coordinates all European trips and all flights from the closest/preferred airport in collaboration with their US partner office. Their managers plan trips from start to finish, and provide teams with 24 hours of assistance service during the tour.

Their goal is to provide American football programs with a comfortable and competitive team travel experience that the coaches and players will never forget.

Coaches can choose from these popular options:

  • Travel during spring break! Local teams in the preseason will be available to play.
  • Travel during the summer! In Europe, teams are still in season during May and June, and August is the perfect opportunity to visit clinics or camps.
  • Travel in the fall! Schedule a game in Europe for September or October as an official part of your regular season.
  • Plan ahead! Book your trip as early as possible to secure the best options for you.


7 Easy Steps to Your Dream Trip:

STEP 1: Decide When And Where You Want To Go

STEP 2: Send Dream Team Sports Tours A Request

STEP 3: Figure Out Your Budget

STEP 4: Tell Your Friends And Family

STEP 5: Pack Your Bags

STEP 6: Catch Your Flight

STEP 7: Play Football And Enjoy Your Holiday

Visit dreamteamsportstours.com for more information.

Why travel with Dream Team Sports Tours?

  • They have great prices. Coaches can book their trip at a wholesale price. Dream Team Sports Tours cuts out the middle men to offer the best prices on the market.
  • They work with your busy schedule. Coaches can get direct answers from professional managers who will book the best deals on their behalf.
  • They know tours. Coaches who travel with Dream Team Sports Tours are traveling with a professional company specialized in sports tours, and linked with all the major European sports sources.
  • They know football. Dream Team Sports Tours is a proud partner of the Italian Federation of American Football and a sponsor of the Club Lazio Marines American football team.

Check out this clip form the international stream of a game in Bergamo, Italy!

“Ivan Molteni and the Dream Team Italy staff offer an amazing opportunity for U.S. sports teams not only from the competition aspect, but also from a cultural. learning experience.

“We hope to be collaborating with Dream Team Italy Sports for years to come.”

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