Top Qualities of Great Wide Receivers

To play wide receiver well, a player must possess a combination of physical traits. Body control and agility are essential to a receiver’s success. The primary thing that a receiver must have is the ability to adjust. Anyone can run a 12-yard pass route against air and turn around. The real challenge comes when the receiver faces a defender who is one of the best athletes on the field and who is using the bump-and-run technique.

Countering Defensive Adjustments For The Jet Sweep

The Jet Sweep is one of the most devastating plays used in the spread offense to keep defenses off-balance and on their heels. Before long, most defenses are forced to make adjustments in their defensive fronts in an effort to stop this play. This article provides excellent “counters to the counters” and shows highly effective plays you can automatically switch to when defenses make adjustments within a 4-4 or 5-3 defensive scheme.

“Stupid Sweep” From Unbalanced Set Keeps Opposing Defenses Guessing

The Stupid Sweep is a wild, unbalanced set that confounds core defensive strategy with its abundant overloads and uncharacteristic philosophy. With diagrams and photos that show how The Stupid Sweep attacks various defenses, you’ll also see effective counters and run-pass options that allow you to easily add this unconventional play to your own offense.