Understanding Supplements

Evidence supports the use of some supplements, such as creatine, branched-chain amino acids, and L-carnitine; these supplements may be beneficial to the strength athlete when used correctly. In a survey of Division I athletes, 89 percent had used or currently were using nutritional supplements, including sport drinks and bars. Additionally, about 47 percent consumed a multivitamin, and 37 percent used a creatine supplement.

Zephyr Performance Systems For Sports

The coach asks, “How will this help win games?” The athletic trainer asks, “How can this prevent injuries and get players back on the field quicker?” And the strength coach asks, “How can I get my players to perform at their peak?” The answers are customized training, improved conditioning and peak performance, which can all be found in Zephyr™ Performance Systems.

Revolutionary Mouthguard Absorbs Impact, Allows Players To Speak Clearly

No football coach in his right mind would recommend that student-athletes use helmets or shoulder pads from the 1950s. But that is when bulky EVA-based mouthguards – the same material still used to make most mouthguards today – made their entrance into the game of football. A mouthguard isn’t just a piece of equipment that makes a player game-eligible. Its first job is to protect the athlete’s teeth and keep that athlete safe. SISU mouthguards do that job better than any other mouthguard available using the latest in materials science.