This Is AFCA Magazine, Just Play Sports Solutions Partner To Deliver World-Class Content

This Is AFCA Magazine and AFCA Weekly, the official magazine and email newsletter platform of the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA), have partnered with Just Play Sports Solutions to deliver leading-edge content for football coaches. Just Play will exclusively provide drill and play diagrams for the AFCA’s magazine and email newsletter platforms in 2018, delivering expanded and enhanced coaching content for AFCA members.

Defeating “The De-Commit”

Recruiters and player personnel within many college football programs face a similar pattern emerging from ranks of high school football players eager to join their collegiate brethren. Student-athletes are committing – then decommitting – to college programs at an unprecedented rate. What’s a coaching staff to do?

Preparing Defensive Game Plan Key To Winning

Defense is the key and essence to winning football. We will make any sacrifice in our program to help our defense. Here are some thoughts on how we prepare our defensive team during game week. The first thing we are concerned about is our opponent and the scouting that we have on our opponent. There are 12 basic things that we try to scout as we work to prepare a defensive game plan. Then, there are six things we feel we must have as a defensive team when we go into every football game.