Long-Term Cardiovascular Adaptations And Implications For Preseason Training

If you’re looking to get fit in a hurry, you should hit high intensities often. But understand that you are getting fit by only attacking one side of the equation, and there’s a limit to how fit you can ultimately get this way (not to mention a greater risk of injury and overtraining). Complete aerobic fitness happens when you put in the work at low intensities over time and develop the “low end” aerobic adaptations to support the higher intensity work.

The 40-Yard Dash: The Biggest Myth About Potential NFL Success?

The 40-yard dash may be considered the marquee event at the NFL’s annual Scouting Combine, but an athlete’s time doesn’t always indicate his potential for football stardom. That’s because in nearly every sport, not just football, the ability to quickly change direction is the real difference between success and failure. The only way for athletes to maximize performance and bridge the gap between practice and competition is for training programs to address both the physical and cognitive components of agility and quickness.