GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS: Setting Up Your Defense To Counteract Pre-Snap Motion

Offenses utilize motion and shifting to out-leverage the defense to attack how a defense sets its strength/front. Auburn University, for example, has built an entire offense based upon using pre-snap wide-receiver motion to move defenses and to out-leverage a defense’s alignment. This article provides ideas and strategies to counteract an offense’s motion. Complete with diagrams and rules that will help you implement these tactics into your defensive game plan.

Home Field Advantage Presented By Dynamic Fitness & Strength

Defending The Spread In The War Eagle 4-2-5 – The War Eagle 4-2-5 is primarily a zone coverage defense, built to be strong against the myriad of spread offenses we see in our region. While we don’t run a lot of man coverage, the secondary is still full of athletes who can break down, flip hips, and turn and run with receivers. While the offense spreads the field to run the ball, the secondary has to have enough speed to shrink the field and give run support.

Defeating RPOs (Run-Pass Options) By Utilizing Defensive-Line Movement & Match-Quarters

In today’s game, spread offense and an up-tempo style of play have wreaked havoc on defenses at all levels of football. Now that Run-Pass Options (RPOs) have been added into the mix, offenses have more advantages than ever before. This article shows what defenses can finally do to strike back. With video examples and detailed diagrams, you’ll learn how to confuse QB reads by utilizing d-line shifts, stunts and match-quarters coverage.

Preparing Defensive Game Plan Key To Winning

Defense is the key and essence to winning football. We will make any sacrifice in our program to help our defense. Here are some thoughts on how we prepare our defensive team during game week. The first thing we are concerned about is our opponent and the scouting that we have on our opponent. There are 12 basic things that we try to scout as we work to prepare a defensive game plan. Then, there are six things we feel we must have as a defensive team when we go into every football game.