Losing And Litigation Leave Life Lessons In Limbo

Football coaches are proud of the life lessons that its participants receive as a byproduct of playing the sport. Ours is a game that teaches young players the merits of hard work, the concepts of brotherhood, the benefits of discipline, the pride of self-sacrifice for the good of the team and the honor that comes from trying your best while representing your school and community. These life lessons are the true essence of the game. Unfortunately, these positive life lessons sometimes come into conflict with society’s ever-changing norms.

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7 Keys For Maintaining Coaching Longevity – Bob Burt knows a thing or two about longevity in coaching. He has been a college and high school football coach for more than 50 seasons. Currently the head coach at Cypress High School in Hemet, Calif., Burt shares his best advice for today’s young coaches, so that they can embrace the personal satisfaction and professional success that leads to longevity in the sport.

We Can’t Keep Our “Head In The Sand” Regarding The Prescription Drug, Heroin Epidemic

The statistics are staggering regarding drug abuse in high school and college-age youths. The rise in prescription pill abuse (now proven to be a direct pathway to heroin) in this country is not only pertinent to athletes in school sports, but as the studies show, has specific implications to football players.