Protecting The Passer: Reaction From An Offensive Line Coach

The offensive line is often taught to drop-step (to give up precious real estate) and then provide protection for the quarterback. Interestingly, the defensive line group never returns the favor and lets us work on our run-blocking techniques. Why? Because run blocking is brutal and defensive lines don’t like people getting into their bodies and pushing them around.


Legend Fitness Announces 3 BRAND-NEW Weight-Room Facility Products

Legend Fitness has introduced three BRAND NEW products which provide quality and flexibility for any strength and conditioning program. These new products include the Monolift 3908 and two new additions to the SelectEDGE product line. All three of these new additions are highly versatile, offering multiple options for athletes at all levels of experience.

VKTRY Performance Insoles Boost Performance And Decrease Risk Of Injury

Football is a game of inches. Coaches all over the country are constantly looking for new ways to get the competitive edge on their opponent. What if there was a way to increase the speed, quickness and explosivity of every player on the roster? The VKTRY Performance Insole is the first-ever high performance athletic insole designed to return the energy an athlete generates as explosive power, speed and agility.